Idoya, CoreTalent analysis


I had the pleasure to have Elke as a coach to analyse my core talents at the moment where my career had recently changed from being a long term post-doc in the University of Leuven to be the co-owner of a business that helps scientist to communicate. 


Obviously, this was a jump to the unknown, outside the comfort zone where my long term skills developed and used as a scientist for many years should expand to cover new necessities. Elke was extremely helpful in making things clear in my head and to give strong directions that I could applied. The assessment included questions that made me thing deep in my roots , my life and career path. Afterwards, when we analysed them together, I was stunned by the precision on how Elke could described how I was as a kid  and now as a person, and what has motivated and guided me though my life. She pointed precisely what my talents were. But also, very important,  my flaws that she also precisely found and described in a way that could become also somehow talents. I learned a lot about myself and how I can apply this knowledge to my career and why not, to my life. Now I know better my strong assets, what are the things that give me energy and that therefore will give also energy to the people around me. I also learn to minimize things that cost me energy. I learned how to set up priorities that will help the relations and the possibilities of my business.  Besides I could benefit from some advice on how to complement my business partners talents that are different to mines and to try to get to a synergetic situation.


Elke’s coaching was extremely useful. She made me feel comfortable from the first second and we could talk for a long time about anything that would feel important for my future.  I can only highly recommend Elke and Exploro.