Discover your CoreTalents, the foundations of your personality, your potential and your instrinsic motivation. A CoreTalent analysis is the basis for our career and study coaching, but can also be done independently from this, even over skype!

What are CoreTalents?


CoreTalents are unique foundations, boulders that give you a view on:

  • your nature = your personality
  • your potential = your capabilities
  • your intrinsic motivation = the will to do things


CoreTalents give you insight into who you are, what you like and what drives you. We all have CoreTalents! 

The are 23 CoreTalents that appear in 3 levels: strong, moderate or weak. CoreTalents also never come alone. It's the combination of all 23 CoreTalents, and how strong they appear, that gives you a perfect view on your personality. Every person has a unique CoreTalent profile.

History of the CoreTalent methodology


The CoreTalent methodology developed by Danielle Krekels is based on over 25 years of  empirical research and in-depth interviews with over 12.000 engineers and researchers. From 2004 onwards, also other professional profiles were included. Danielle discovered a clear link between the favorite children's toys and the nature, potential and intrinsic motivation of a specific person (=CoreTalent).

In her book: “Beken(d) Talent – ken je KernTalenten en maak de juiste keuze voor je studie, je werk en je leven” Danielle illustrates this principle with examples of prof. dr. Roger Blanpain, Inge Vervotte and prof. dr. Jean-Jacques Cassiman, … .


The link between children's-toys and CoreTalents makes that a CoreTalent analist can describe your personality after running through a questionnaire together, even without knowing you personally. This questionnaire was validated in 2015 by means of scientific research under supervision of prof. dr. Elke Van Hoof from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Her research proved that the outcome of the CoreTalent questionnaire has a very high reliability index of .84 (!). Thereby the CoreTalent questionnaire scores better than an MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) test and equally good compared to the Big 5 personality test, the most used personality test worldwide. 



Stil, a CoreTalent analysis goes further than just a questionnaire. The questionnaire is followed by an individual cross-check conversation and an in-depth interview, through which the precision of the analysis further increases. During the cross-check conversation, we run through all answers of the questionnaire together to ensure the right links between toys and talents were made. During the in-depth interview we analyse to what extent you could develop your CoreTalents  and how specific CoreTalents played a role in your life. The result is a unique and very personal view on your personality.

What does a CoreTalent analysis give you?


The CoreTalen analysis report is a very personal report describing your unique profile. In the report, all 23 CoreTalents with their different components are compared against each other. Thereby you will get a blueprint of your personality. The report will support you when having to make certain decisions, and will give you the insight needed to act in an energetic and successful way.


What makes the CoreTalent methodology unique: 


  • Not based on or influenced by acquired knowledge and skills. We go back to the real core of your being. 
  • The questionnaire is validated by scientific research.
  • Every report is custom-made. There are 23 CoreTalents that appear in 3 levels, resulting in about 94 billion combinations.
  • An analysis will give insights in both your strengths and pitfalls.
  • Valid forever, and absolutely not a snapshot.
  • Fun to do!

How does it work?

  • Intake chat (duration: 20-30 min.)
  • Complete an online questionnaire upfront (duration: 20-30 min.) 
  • Personal cross-check conversation, feedback on CoreTalent profile and in-depth interview (duration: 2-3 uur)
  • Extensive personal report 
  • Personal advice in a second meeting  (duration: 1 uur) 

If you can't make it to my place, no worries, we can perfectly do the analysis over Skype!


 Looking forward to find out more? Don't hesitate to contact me!