My story


“Mom, how long do I have to go to school?” I still remember very clearly when I asked this question when I was 6. I didn't like the answer I got, but giving up isn't what I stand for. Finally I was in 'school' until I was 27 and obtained by degree of Doctor in the Biomedical Sciences. It was a bumpy road, with many ups and downs.


After having obtained my degree, I stayed at the university as a postdoctoral researcher. One of my duties was coaching of students, which gave me a lot of positive energy. I noticed that many students got stuck at certain steps because they were sticking to their shortcomings and forgot they also have certain talents. This is when I realized wanted to find a method to identify and analyze talents with (young) adults.


Meanwhile I have 2 kids. An then... 25 years after having asked the question, my oldest son asked me: "Mom, how long do I have to go to school?" A learning disability, dyslexia in our situation, is not the best thing to face when having to go to school. Again I noticed that we know very well where things don't go right, and 'forget' to see that beside the shortcomings our backpacks also contain talents.


A new mission was born, one I want to develop with much passion:


I want to discover Talents with students and adults, and use those Talents as a tool to develop a career full of energy and passion. In addition it would be a dream to contribute to reforming and modernizing the school system.


A career switch followed. After 13 years, I left my research position and became a teacher in Eureka, a private school recognized for personal coaching of learning disabilities, and certified CoreTalent analist. My critical attitude and analytical brain developed during my research career are core competenties I take along on this new journey.